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Monday, December 05, 2005

Sometimes I Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me…

…or at least my blogging activity. Someone in The Watcher of Weasels Council Nominated my John Locke post to be considered among 12 other posts in the ‘non-council links’ category. After the final tally, my Locke post finished in seventh place. As much as I would have liked to win, I am very honored to be nominated among some other very fine posts. The winning post from the category is from American Future titled: The New York Times on Iraq, 1993-2005. So far I have only read the first couple of paragraphs but what I have read is very good and worthy of the first place pick.

On a related note, my Locke post was chosen by Carnival of Vanities #167 and File it Under host Hoodlumman as the “Top Shelf” pick of the carnival which had some 37 entries (my third place pick for the November Fearless Philosophy Blogpost of the Month was also among the “Top Shelf” picks). I am very honored and I appreciate the recognition Hoodlumman. Thank you.

After putting so much time researching and relating my impressions of John Locke and his writings, I am very heartened by the positive response to my first post of the Fearless Philosopher series. I feared that the post would be too long for most people to enjoy but I have received mostly positive responses both on and off this site. I don’t know when I will have my next Fearless Philosopher post ready, but hopefully I’ll have it posted sooner than later (maybe sometime January?). After writing a post that long, however; I think I’ll give myself and my readers a break from long posts.

UPDATE: Marty at Speckblog is working on his own series on John Locke. Marty's series compares and contrasts the philosophies of John Locke vs. Jean-Jacques Rousseau. So far he has completed part one of the series titled: Locke and Rousseau, Round 1. If you want to follow the rest of the series, I'll leave that up to you.


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