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Fearless Philosophy For Free Minds: Blogrolling, Posting, and Etc.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Blogrolling, Posting, and Etc.

The blogrolls for this site have finally been updated. You may have noticed that links have been categorized, added and subtracted from here. If I have placed your link under one category but would prefer for me to link you under another category, please leave me a message here (or email me if you have my super-secret email address).

From the top right you will find my favorite posts under “The Very Best of Fearless Philosophy for Free Minds.” These selections are ones I refer to often in new posts, are better than my usual writing, or generated some controversy and thoughtful commentary among my readers and myself. The main goals of this blog are to challenge conventional wisdom, encourage logical debate (a dying art), analyze philosophy/philosophers from around the world and offer new or little-known ideals from a Libertarian, Classical Liberal, and/or Objectivist philosophy. If this is the type of writing you are looking for, take a look at these posts.

Below the “Best of” roll you will find the “Blog Post of the Month Archive.” The author of the winning post for each month is identified to the right of each month. The links take the readers to my commentary of the top three posts for each month. Readers will find the links to each of the posts from there.

Next you will find the “Carnival of Liberty Archive.” Rather than announce where the next carnival is located each week I will update this archive when the latest carnival is up.

The familiar Life, Liberty, and Property and Fair Tax Fans blogrolls have a very diverse array of independent-minded bloggers from many perspectives. It is from these links I usually look to find the ‘Blogpost of the Month’ winning posts.

The next three blogrolls are all about politics: “Libertarian and Classical Liberals,” “The Right,” and “The Left.” I tried to find bloggers and pundits who advocate each of these positions accurately. Many of these links from “The Right” and “The Left” I do not typically agree with but I am not afraid to read (or link) views of those I disagree with.

“Philosophy, Science, and Religion” is a very broad category. Besides the obvious kinds of links I would have here I also plan on adding some humor in this category as well. I think humor is an important and often overlooked aspect of philosophy and most of us could use some more of it.

The next category, “Can You Handle the Truth?” has only four links listed so far. The first of these links is the Annenberg Political Fact Check. I have found this source to be helpful when trying to separate facts from political spin. If you have never looked at this site, I urge you to do so. Researchers examine political pronouncements and advertising and make a judgment as to the accuracy of the claims being made. I use the word ‘judgment’ because even those who try to ascertain the truth have their own biases. I tend to trust this site’s judgments because they seem to be fair to all sides of the debate. The remaining links have more to do with urban legends and myth busting. Ever receive an email from one of your friends about little known ‘facts’ about this or that? Snopes and are great resources to find out whether or not your friend’s email is a fib or a fact.

The next category is called ‘Resources’. What is a resource? For the purposes of this blog, resources can be historical documents such as the U.S. Constitution, news links (more will be added), think tanks, and advocacy groups. I have think tanks and advocacy groups here because resources are not only places to go for information, but also help you with things like organizing to make changes in our society and government.

My final category I have listed as “On Your Payroll”. These links are the official sites of all the branches of the federal government. I listed them under “On Your Payroll” because we must never forget who the government is supposed to serve: you and me.

If you were wondering why there were no new posts this week, this is why. Hopefully, organizing my site in this way makes the site easier to navigate. I may do some rearranging of these rolls in the future but I think this will be good for now.

If you would like to read something a little more thought-provoking than how I organized my blogrolls, read my post on the Life, Liberty, and Property Group Blog titled: Have We Not Learned Anything?. I chose to post there instead of here because I wanted to do my part to promote the blog and all the other fine bloggers who submit posts there.
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