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Fearless Philosophy For Free Minds: The Illegal Immigration Debate Hits Home

Monday, March 27, 2006

The Illegal Immigration Debate Hits Home

All I wanted last Friday was an order of steak nachos and ice tea from Carl’s Jr. but this time, my desired lunch would allude me. Normally I bring my lunch to work so I can save money with the added benefit of writing posts for this blog or reading my favorite blogs from others. For once I decided to take a break from the office, the internet, and politics and let my mind take a rest. Moments later I discovered that this break from news and politics would have to wait for another day…

I exited the parking lot south bound onto 22nd St. The traffic seemed a little heavier than usual but I figured it would clear up once I drove a couple of blocks. As the minutes passed, I noticed more and more frustrated motorists turning around to go in the opposite direction; I soon followed suit and started thinking about an alternative spot to have lunch. As it turned out, the other direction was no better. As I sat there I noticed one Hispanic man walking by with a Mexican flag and a couple of moments later, another. Across the street was a couple of Hispanics selling Mexican food at a little table.

About then it dawned on me: I was heading in the direction of Arizona Senator Jon Kyl’s office; maybe there was some sort of protest regarding illegal immigration? I didn’t recall hearing anything in particular about a protest on the news. Rush Limbaugh was on my radio without preemption and the topic of illegal immigration did not come up. I looked up ahead to see if my suspicions were right and noticed that the intersection to Camelback was closed. Off in the distance I saw a gathering around Kyl’s office, some carrying signs (though I could not make out any of the words from this distance). Disgusted, I once again turned around.

I made my way back to Highland and saw that traffic was only slightly better. By the time I got moving, it was already halfway through my lunch break. About that time the news/talk station’s news break lead off with the story of between 10,000 and 15,000 people protesting an anti-illegal immigration bill sponsored by Senator Kyl. Only 3,000 or so were expected to show up. The reporters said that the protest had traffic tied up for several blocks.

From a purely tactical standpoint I wondered if tying up traffic for thousands of commuters during lunch break in the Camelback Corridor (one of Phoenix’s major business districts) was an effective way to get the pro illegal immigrant message out. I certainly got the message: Illegal immigrants have no consideration for our sovereignty, our culture (if you want all the benefits of being an American, at least wave OUR flag rather than the flag of the nation you fled to escape poverty or oppression. What a slap in the face!), or our economy (think of all the businesses that lost customers during this hour; Friday is probably the busiest time of the week for the restaurant industry). I saw this as something of a microcosm of the entire border debate.

On a larger scale, the same holds true. Illegal immigrants disrespect America’s sovereignty every day by crossing the border. Many would like to take part of our electoral process. I fear the next demand from illegal immigrants will be the right to vote (*UPDATE* such demands are already being made). Some school districts already allow illegals to vote in school board elections. After all, their children attend our schools therefore their voices need to be heard too.

Many of today’s immigrants, both legal and illegal, seem to have little regard for our culture. In generations past, immigrants would make every effort to become an American by learning English, adopting American customs, and by embracing the American dream. While I don’t think immigrants need to completely rid themselves of the customs of their homeland; I do believe they should philosophically consider themselves Americans first as my ancestors did. When I see people waving the flag of their nation of origin while trying to inject themselves into our political process, I see their flag as making a statement: conquered territory. Invaders historically raise the banner of their homeland when they conquer a foreign land.

Lastly, on the economic front, far too many illegal immigrants avail themselves of America’s welfare state with no regard for the burden it places on our economy. The federal and state governments spend way too much on social programs before illegal immigrants are figured into the equation. The healthcare system is over run with illegals who do not pay for their medical expenses. Would the Mexican government pay for MY medical expenses if I got sick or injured while in Rocky Point or Tijuana? Would I even be seen by a doctor without the means to pay for his or her services? I sincerely doubt it.

So will this border crisis be solved? I wish I knew for sure but I have a few ideas. First of all, if these protesters put as much energy into organizing and protesting the corruption of the Mexican government; maybe there wouldn’t be as much of a need to immigrate here. Secondly, the border needs to be strictly enforced; once they get here, they are very difficult to deport. Finally and most importantly, we Americans need to take another look at our own dependency on government to solve all our problems. A new generation needs to stand up for Capitalism, self reliance, and limited government. Until this happens, America will continue to be a doormat for all who wish to tread.

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