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Fearless Philosophy For Free Minds: Hollywood Hypocrisy

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Hollywood Hypocrisy

Another Academy Awards has come and gone, another celebrity event I couldn’t care less about (though I am thrilled that Crash won Best Picture; it was the only movie nominated that I actually watched and was worth watching). Why? I am sick of being preached to by a bunch of phonies. These celebrities tell us all how we need to be concerned about global warming and not drive SUVs, meanwhile they fly around in private jets burning more fuel in one trip than the average American burns driving a SUV for an entire year!

They tell us that public figures are afraid to speak out against the Bush Administration because he is some sort of ‘dictator.’ Spare me. Criticizing President Bush is the safest career move one can make in the entertainment industry. A riskier move would be for an entertainer to actually admit support for the president. Don’t get me wrong, President Bush does deserve his share of criticism. Personally I have been very disappointed with his inability to articulate his strategy in Iraq, his lack of will to veto a single bill that grows government (yet he has made a lame attempt to bring back the ‘line item veto’), and his general capitulation to statists in both parties. These are complaints I would have regardless of who was president with these same short comings. Can the same be said about the Hollywood elites? Are they really that concerned about our country going to war or America’s foreign policy regardless of who occupies the Oval Office?

Julia Gorin made this observation in her LA Daily News Article, Hollywood blind to truth:

Hollywood likes to see itself as boldly questioning authority, and picking up where the other media leave off, but in truth, only some authorities are questioned, while others are blindly followed. Clooney's "Syriana" earns plaudits for whacking away at the Bush administration's foreign policy, but where was Hollywood when the previous administration invaded a sovereign European nation over charges of genocide and ethnic cleansing that proved false in Yugoslavia?
Does that mean that ‘Clinton lied and people died’ and Hollywood didn’t have one thing to say about it? Funny, I don’t remember anyone from the Right saying that either. Gorin continues:

Why didn't we hear from Hollywood when the media made little of President Bill Clinton's sharing classified nuclear technology with China for campaign money?”
Why that sounds like corruption to me! Oh well. We can live with a president taking money from a communist country (or any foreign country for that matter); at least the money didn’t come from BIG Oil.

Where was Hollywood when the media didn't question why the country wasn't responding to the succession of terrorist attacks against the U.S. on Bill Clinton's watch? And where was Hollywood when the media didn't question why that administration was acting as though the much-ballyhooed nonproliferation treaty with North Korea was still in effect even after we discovered that North Korea was going ahead with its nuclear program? Interesting how in the eight years before the election of George W. Bush, poor reporting effectively made truth disappear. Because the film folks were on the same page as the reporters. And that's where they remain.
Well, we can’t expect Americans to remember that far back can we? That’s just asking way too much. That all fell into the memory hole right around the time of the Florida recount. Besides, Bill Clinton threw wonderful parties at the White House for his Hollywood friends. Anyone who is in touch with Hollywood is obviously more intelligent and more concerned with the world’s problems. So what if he made a few mistakes. At least his heart was in the right place. On the other hand, George Bush has nothing but ill intentions and is just pure evil. Impeach him now!

Damn Kool-Aid drinking hypocrites.

Hat Tip: Larry Elder


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm tired of all the hollywood liberals talking the talk but not walking the walk. They preach on how americans need to save the environment and help undeveloped countries yet they ride on private jets, live in 10,000+ sq. foot homes plus vacation homes, never wear the same clothes twice, own multiple vehicles in which you can only drive one but all the resources that go into making these vehicles. They do charity events but they either get paid or get comps while they are asking hard working americans to shell out there money to help other nations. They live in a fantasy world and everyday issues that affect your average joes don't affect them. I'm tired of seeing them on television so thats why when they start preaching I turn the channel. One last thing, Sean Penn is one of the worst. He preaches to everyone yet I saw an episode of Jack*** where his son and one of the Jack*** crew members destroyed someones car with paint. Boy that is really using resources conservatively.

5:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My gripe is I cannot take anyone seriously who deposits more CO2 in the air in one year than I have in my entire lifetime. Listening to them preach on global warming is like listening to Bill Clinton preach on how not to cheat on your wife.

6:57 PM  

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