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Fearless Philosophy For Free Minds: Placing the Blame Where it Truly Belongs

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Placing the Blame Where it Truly Belongs

Sixty-five years ago on this day, December 7, 1941, was the day the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor killing 2,390 Americans. Until this date, America chose an isolationist policy as Europe was being devoured by Nazi Germany. Little did Imperial Japan know the fury America was going to unleash in Japan, Germany, and everywhere else the war would be fought. Little did Imperial Japan know that two of its cities would be completely leveled by weapons not yet invented. After the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, Americans understood the stakes were high and failure was not an option.

Now, fast forward to September 11, 2001. On that day, even more American lives were lost, this time at the hands of Islamofascists. This attack would claim even more lives than the attacks on Pearl Harbor. Much like the aftermath of the Pearl Harbor attacks, Americans were eager to exact justice on those who planned the attacks and the regimes which harbored them. Few people criticized President Bush when he named Iraq, Iran, and North Korea the new “Axis of Evil.”

December 7, 2006 is a very different time from either of these days which “live in infamy.” Today, supposedly intelligent people suggest we should talk to the regimes of Iran, Syria, and North Korea. Any discussion of military action is a complete non-starter.

We are also told we should leave Iraq and hope for the best. We should leave Iraq and let it fall into complete chaos and become a staging ground for more Islamofascists to train so they can make their way back to America to kill even more of us. We should turn our backs on the Iraqi people who took America at her word that she would not abandon those Iraqis who bravely stood up for their own freedoms. We should leave Iraq and let the world know that America does not have the stomach to fight for the survival of Western Civilization.

It is with much dismay that I have to say that I believe we are losing this war but this is not the fault of our military but there is plenty of blame to go around. The entity has the most blood on its hands is our media. Our media clearly does not like America or her values, especially when a Republican occupies the Oval Office. They would have us believe that the Islamofascists are just ‘misunderstood.’ It’s the fault of America’s foreign policy as to why they hate us anyway; their oppressive governments are in no way at fault.

The second entity which deserves an almost equal amount of blame is the American Democrat Party. Oh, how they like to put all the blame on their arch nemesis George W. Bush (which he does deserve some blame, which I’ll get to shortly). The Democrat Party had an opportunity to be leaders. The Democrats could have easily put their differences with the Republicans aside to fight the enemies of America (just as the Republicans did when a Democrat was in office). Democrats would have had plenty of other areas in which to disagree with the president and his party. Hell, the Democrats would have plenty of areas to disagree and criticize in how to proceed with the war against Islamofascim provided the criticism was constructive and had the same goal of victory. Make no mistake about it, the Democrat Party has emboldened the enemy.

The third entity who deserves blame is the American people for falling prey to the distortions and outright lies of the media and the Democrat Party. Shame on us for being so easily mislead.

The fourth group which is at fault for this failure is President Bush and the Republican Party. Both showed leadership up front but proved weak over the long haul. President Bush talks tough but when it comes down to it, he tries to hard to be liked by the media, the Democrats, and the world community- - all people who hate him no matter what he does. Perhaps even more egregious, President Bush has failed to secure the borders at home while fighting a politically correct war abroad. The overly restrictive rules of engagement are costing the lives of our men and women in uniform. Sometimes fighting aggressively means accidentally killing civilians. When you decide to go to war, that is part and parcel of what you bargain for.

So much could be learned from the World War II generation. In the wake of the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, America responded courageously. What if they were as timid back then as we are now? Perhaps an even better question would be: How much better off would we be today if the public, the media, and our leaders had the same resolve as the World War II generation?
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