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Fearless Philosophy For Free Minds: 2 Fearless Political Ads the G.O.P. Should Run (But Won’t)

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

2 Fearless Political Ads the G.O.P. Should Run (But Won’t)

The Republican Party has been a disappointment when it comes to living up to their stated beliefs, not doubt about it. Among their many faults is their inability to effectively advocate their positions and present their accomplishments to the American people in a persuasive way. Yes, it is true that Republicans have to contend with a very biased Left-wing media, but that is still no excuse in this information age. The G.O.P. has the bully pulpit of the presidency and have control of both houses of congress (for now at least). Do they think it is too arrogant to brag about accomplishments or too mean to point out differences between themselves and Democrats?

I recently wrote a post called Choose and Lose where I explored reasons not to vote for anyone in the Republican, Democrat, and Libertarian parties. On the flip side, there are still a few good reasons to support the Republicans and plenty of reasons not to support the Democrats. As for the Libertarians, as usual just a blip on the radar screen in the American debate. These two amateur ads (neither of which have been sanctioned by G.O.P) point out that there are still some very distinct differences between the two parties.

This first ad by Braden Barty and Larry Elder does a great job of reminding the American people of some of the accomplishments of the Bush Presidency. Some of these facts (facts, the mortal enemy of Leftists everywhere) might receive passing mention at best in the MSM. As you will see, these facts contradict much of what the MSM and Democrats have been saying these past 5 years. Enjoy!

The second ad was produced by David Zucker (producer of ‘Airplane’ and ‘Scary Movie’). This one his been out for a couple of weeks and you have probably seen it. Still, I find it very entertaining. If you haven’t seen it, the point of the ad is about the dangers of appeasement. Appeasement was the policy of the Clinton Administration.

Of course Zucker adds some humorous elements that didn’t happen such as Madeline Albright mowing Kim Jong Ill’s lawn and painting Osama bin Laden’s cave in much of this ad (so all of you who were so angry about a few factual errors in ‘The Path to 9/11’ which made Clinton look a little less than perfect, lighten up…it’s a joke…really!), Albright’s meeting with Ill did happen (and yes she did give him a basketball autographed by Michael Jordan!).

Now Democrats have the nerve to blame this current crisis with North Korea on George W. Bush. Bush has made his share of mistakes but he sure as hell did not create the mess in North Korea. Clinton trusted a mad man with nuclear technology and now we are paying the price (What? Despots lie?). We can joke about this now but the idea of North Korea with a nuke that could reach the West Coast is no laughing matter.

These two ads say many things that the G.O.P. should be saying. What are they so afraid of; that the Democrats might be angry and say hateful things?


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