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Fearless Philosophy For Free Minds: Personal Attack Ad…Against Myself!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Personal Attack Ad…Against Myself!

The political attack ads this election season seems to be particularly vicious (and therefore very entertaining). Sometimes these negative attacks have the opposite of the desired effect. Regarding the House district I live in I’ve received anti-Rick O’Donnell mailings and watched anti-Rick O’Donnell television ads that point out that O’Donnell once wrote an article titled: “For Freedom’s Sake, Eliminate Social Security” (never mind that he was in his early twenties when he wrote the piece and is now in his late thirties and has since moderated his position to reform the program instead of eliminate it). The ads also call O’Donnell “another vote for Bush’s agenda” with prominent photos of the candidate standing next to President Bush.

Whaaat? A Republican who supports the Bush agenda? That’s supposed to be a big revelation? A candidate who wants to at least reform Social Security so maybe there will be something left for me when I retire? These are supposed to be bad things? Though I still believe I am in a lose/lose situation when it comes to voting in this election, these ads have done more to encourage me to possibly vote for Rick O’Donnell in this election than anything his campaign has put out. Since this is an open seat, I could reason that I’m not voting for an incumbent, who has betrayed those of us who are for secure borders, tax relief, and fiscal responsibility (on the other hand, a vote for any Republican means they could still maintain control of the House and continue their slide towards Socialism).

This race is but one example of what’s out there. I have often wondered what it would be like to be on the receiving end of a negative campaign. What kinds of things would my opposition say about me? These thoughts inspired me to write my own attack ad…against myself!

[Cue the unflattering grainy black and white video with dreary music]

Who is Stephen Littau and why can’t we trust him? For starters, he often advocates
ending the war on drugs, suspending drug raids on suspected dealers, and repealing mandatory minimum sentencing laws for drug offenders. He has even gone as far as to defend a man who shot and killed a police officer who was simply serving a lawful search warrant.

But that’s not all…

Stephen Littau once wrote
“Go ahead and call me an infidel, I will readily embrace this label” and that “an end of faith is way overdue.” Do we really want to put our trust in such a Godless heathen?

Not if you want to defend marriage, the flag, and traditional
family values. Stephen Littau opposed the Defense of Marriage Amendment and the Flag Desecration Amendment. He also wants to take God off our currency, out of the Pledge of Allegiance, and remove religious monuments such as the Ten Commandments from government property using the tired old “wall of church and state” argument.

Stephen Littau is so morally depraved that he considers selfishness a
“virtue” and wants to eliminate social welfare and entitlement programs leaving Americans to fend for themselves. Stephen Littau wants us to believe that such selfish attitudes are actually compassionate by allowing people to suffer from their poor choices.

Let’s be sure not to suffer from this bad choice. This November, send Stephen Littau a clear message:

Yes to the war on drugs!
Yes to religion in government!
Yes to defending marriage, the flag, and the Ten Commandments!
Yes to a compassionate government!
And No to the secular philosophy and dangerous ideas of Stephen Littau!

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