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Fearless Philosophy For Free Minds: Ishad Manji: Islam’s Martin Luther?

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Ishad Manji: Islam’s Martin Luther?

I make no apologies for calling ‘terrorists’ Islamofascists (or Islamic Fascists as President Bush refers to them), regardless of the wishes of CAIR and the political correct talking heads in the MSM. CAIR and its ilk act as if those of us who use this term are making a statement about all Muslims. I would like to take this opportunity to remind my readers what the term ‘fascist’ means. defines fascism as follows:

    1. A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator,
      stringent socioeconomic controls, suppression of the opposition through terror
      and censorship, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism.
    2. A political philosophy or movement based on or advocating such a system of
    3. Oppressive, dictatorial control.
What is the true goal of the Islamofascist? The first definition above seems to define his goal perfectly, therefore; the term Islamofascism is a much more accurate term than terrorism (terrorism is a means to an end of the Islamofascist).

So where are the peace-loving Muslims who want to take their faith back from these Islamofascists? Ishad Manji is one such Muslim.

I first became aware of Ishad Manji last Friday as I drove to work listening to The Laura Ingram Show. Ingram invited Manji on her show because of a very well-written article she had published in The New York Times on Wednesday of that week. When I heard this very intelligent woman lament the state of her religion, I knew I would have to read her article (registration required) and share my thoughts here.

Manji writes:

[V]iolent jihadists have rarely needed foreign policy grievances to justify their hot heads. There was no equivalent to the Iraq debacle in 1993, when Islamists first tried to blow up the World Trade Center, or in 2000, when they attacked the American destroyer Cole. Indeed, that assault took place after United States-led military intervention saved thousands of Muslims in Bosnia and Kosovo.

If Islamists cared about changing Iraq policy, they would not have bothered to abduct two journalists from France — probably the most antiwar, anti-Bush nation in the West. Even overt solidarity with Iraqi suffering did not prevent Margaret Hassan, who ran a world-renowned relief agency in Baghdad, from being executed by insurgents.

Meanwhile, at least as many Muslims are dying at the hands of other Muslims as under the boots of any foreign imperial power. In Sudan, black Muslims are starved, raped, enslaved and slaughtered by Arab militias, with the consent of an Islamic government. Where is the “official” Muslim fury against that genocide? Do Muslim lives count only when snuffed out by non-Muslims? If not, then here is an idea for Muslim representatives in the West: Go ahead and lecture the politicians that their foreign policies give succor to radicals. At the same time, however, challenge the educated and angry young Muslims to hold their own accountable, too.
In Manji’s interview on The Laura Ingram Show, she encouraged non-Muslims to continue to hold Islamofascists accountable and to not fear political correctness. One caller challenged Manji about the actual verses of the Koran which encourage Muslims to kill the non-believers (as Sam Harris writes at length in his book: The End of Faith). Manji responded saying that believers of all faiths read their holy books selectively, herself included. She chooses to follow the verses which are more tolerant of the beliefs of others.

Reforming Islam is not going to come from us non-believers. True reform can only come about when more Muslims decide to reform in a similar fashion as Martin Luther did with Christianity (which was further reformed from there to what we have today). Wouldn’t it be wonderful, in a religion which is traditionally so hostile to women, if such reform began with a woman such as Ishad Manji?

We can only hope this reform begins sooner rather than later. If not, much more bloodshed will be necessary.

Ishad Manji is the author of the book: The Trouble With Islam Today and maintains her own website advocating the reformation of Islam.

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Blogger Terror-Free said...

Islamofascist CAIR Doesn't Like the Term "Islamic Fascist": FNC video, 8/14/6

CAIR Terrorist Apologist Blames Israel, FNC video, 8/12/6

Free Patriotic Corner Banners:

4:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First off it is difficult to anyone seriously who listens to the Laura Ingram and that mass of disinformation.

Secondly the guest you are referring to is Irshad Manji, not Ishad Manji. Irshad is a radical, left wing feminist who hates Islam and knows little about it, despite growing up in a Muslim home. Her parents divorced and she grew up with her mother who was a non-practicing Muslim.

I have Irshad on many shows and panels about Islam. Her knowledge of the Qu'ran is seriously lacking as is her knowledge of Islamic history or current world affairs. To say that Al Qaeda (as the media has dubbed it) had no reason to bomb the USS Cole is absurd. America has been screwing with the Arab & Muslim countries for decades and prior to them the English has being doing it. They have financed Israel to buy bullets that kill Palestinian children for decades. $6 Billion per year and there are numerous other things. They put Saddam in power despite being a monster, they financed the Shah of Iran who had a horrible human rights record. They got Bin Laden to fight a war they couldn't and then screwed him & Afghanistan over when he won that war for him.

In regards to quotes in the Haddith which is not the Qu'ran and thus not the word of God but Muhammed's opinion, about killing the Infidel. Christianity & Judaism have similar dictates. In Deuteronomy, Chapter 17:2-3,5, it says to kill those who worship other Gods. Perhaps these Christians are a threat to national security and need to be profiled.

9:10 AM  
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