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Fearless Philosophy For Free Minds: Fearless Philosophy Blog Post of the Month (March 2005)

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Fearless Philosophy Blog Post of the Month (March 2005)

Choosing one post to be the first ever Fearless Philosophy Blog Post of the Month was an even more of a challenge than I thought. I decided that I would go ahead and list the top three posts each month that meet the award’s criteria . On to the results…

Third Place goes to Eric Cowperthwaite and his March 14th post: “Mad as Hell and Laughing About it” in his Blog Eric’s Random Musings. The post deals with the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform Act and its enforcers’ (the FEC) attempts to curtail blogging during an election season. What’s so funny about this blatant violation of the First Amendment? Read his post and you may be laughing about it too!

Second Place goes to Brad and his March 14th post: “Someone has Refused His Shackles” in his Blog The Unrepentant Individual. The ‘shackles’ Brad describes is this notion that corporations must ‘give back to the community.’ Brad argues that by the very nature of business (providing jobs, making profits, and keeping stakeholders happy) gives back to the community; no company should make any apologies about making a profit.

And the winner is…

The first ever Fearless Philosophy Blog Post of the Month (March) goes to Robert Bell and his March 30th post “The Decline of Individualism” in his Blog Libertopia. Robert points out that most everyone feels a need to belong to a group or want to be known by a label (i.e. Liberal, Conservative, Libertarian, Etc.) rather than be known as an individual. This decline of individualism allows politicians to more easily manipulate the masses and make political calculations. Robert also sees this in people’s religious affiliations.

“It’s no secret that I consider myself to be a believer, of the Christian variety. However, I’m reluctant to accept that label because of those who do…I have first hand experience with those who proudly proclaim themselves to be among the religious right.”

I can hardly blame him for not wanting to be associated with that crowd. What Robert seems to be saying is that religion is a very personal matter and that there is room to disagree amongst others within any religious community.

He sums up the article writing: “I’ve come to believe that both politics and religion are sustained by masses of individuals that refuse to think and act individually.” Unfortunately, I think he’s right.

Congratulations to all of this month’s winners. Your posts are all fearless in their own way; keep up the good work!


Blogger Robert said...

I’m awfully flattered and I appreciate your kind words. An interesting coincidence here is that the other two blogs that you mention played the largest role in my decision to jump into the Frey myself. These two guys, along with yours, are most definitely worth reading regularly.

5:03 PM  

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