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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Looking for a Few Fearless Posts

I find great posts from amateur bloggers just about everyday. I thought it would be a good idea to recognize the best posts on my site. What I have decided to do is to pick at least one blog post each month (but no more than 3 and perhaps an honorable mention; I still haven’t made up my mind on this part) to my new monthly feature Free Minds Wondering, beginning in the second installment in April. I will make a brief commentary on the winning post(s), name the author and blog and link the post to the end of my post. The winning post will be called The Fearless Philosophy Blog Post of the Month. The winner will be notified by posting to the winners ‘comments’ of the original post.

General Criteria:
The Fearless Philosophy Blog Post of the Month does not have to be something I agree with necessarily, just something that makes me (and the readers) think. What I am looking for is originality, strong supportable opinions, overall quality, and logical reasoning. Feel free to nominate as many posts as you would like (even your own) using the ‘comments’ for this post, and I will make a decision from those nominated posts as well as other posts I have read. I think this will be a great way to enrich the quality of this site and give deserving posts some additional exposure.


Blogger Stephen Littau said...

Thanks for the tip Brad. I read Anarchangel's post called "Oaths" was very impressive. I'll definatley add this fellow Arizonan to my blogroll.

As for your writings...I have made it a point to read your posts and Eric's Random Musings every weekday since adding you both to the blogroll (how do you guys have time to post something everyday? It is all I can do to find enough time to post one a week). It was actually both of your blogs and Eric's that inspired me to come up with such a contest. Your chances of having a winning post are very good, but there is certainly alot of competition out there.

6:11 AM  

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