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Thursday, February 10, 2005

This & That

  • President Bush is finally going to do it – cut wasteful spending. It’s about time! Though he only plans to cut $15 billion in this year’s budget (8/10 of 1% of the overall budget), at least it is a start in the right direction. Certainly there are many other areas of wasteful spending that needs to be cut. A good start would be to free up prison space by releasing all non-violent offenders for crimes such as drug abuse, prostitution, gambling, and other victimless crimes. If the president and the congress called off the war on drugs alone, this would save the taxpayer roughly $12.5 billion. I won’t hold my breath!

  • Glen Beck made a very interesting point on his radio show (about a week or so ago) about Social Security. He pointed out that when Social Security was first enacted, the average life expectancy was at age 63 and one could collect the benefits at age 65. At that time most people did not live long enough to collect! Now the average is 76 but the age to collect benefits is still 65. Many people are living well beyond 76 and the age will continue to be higher and higher. As Beck pointed out, Social Security was never intended to be a 10 to 20 year vacation. The intent was to help those who could not physically work and earn for themselves. Based on the original intent, 2 years over the life expectancy, the age to collect benefits should be 78. Social Security was supposed to be completely privatized by 1965. The time for reform is way overdue (we’ll delve into this issue more in the future).

  • I was very impressed with the recitation of the Declaration of Independence before the Super Bowl. For a large portion of the general public, it may have been their first exposure to this great historical example of statecraft. Every time I read or hear recitations of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, or the Federalist Papers I am struck by the founders’ genius and understanding of human nature and its relationship with government; I am inspired every time. If only we would return to this wisdom and usher in a new age of reason.

  • Before the Super Bowl, I had never heard of the company, even though it is based in Scottsdale, Arizona near were I live. The ad was the one with the woman who was going before congress and had an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction. The ad only ran one time because Fox did not want to run it the additional 2 times. Did Fox not review the commercial before airing it? Why do some people find this ad so offensive? The people who tend to get offended never learn. Whether it is this ad or Marilyn Manson, Eminem, 2 Live Crew, or whatever, controversy is exactly what they are looking for! The best thing to do would be ignore the offensive behavior! Because of Fox’s actions, the matter will be settled in court which means more exposure for Ah, capitalism at its best.

  • Is it really possible that Bill Cosby sexually assaulted 2 different women? Say its not so!

  • Doesn’t Virginia have any more pressing matters to consider before passing a law to ban exposed underwear?
  • Some companies are now firing people for smoking, even if the smoking is on their time. Why? To keep group health insurance rates down. Wouldn't it make more sense to either make the smokers pay a higher deductible or make them sign a waiver for all smoking related illnesses? Its understandable that employers and nonsmoking employees don't want to pick up the tab for those who make poor health choices; why not make the smokers pay more? This is a microcosm of what could happen in a government-run healthcare system. The government would require fellow taxpayers to subsidize health insurance even for those who do not take care of themselves. The best approach is to allow the free market to work. The Arizona congressman from my district, John Shadegg (R), sponsors the Health Care Choice Act . Employers would still deduct from your payroll the amount allocated for your insurance but instead of the company choosing which healthcare plan for you, you have the freedom to choose the plan that suits your needs the best. It is a great idea; it empowers people not government.

  • The Arizona Legislature is trying to pass a bill that would allow pharmacists to deny filling prescriptions if the pharmacist is personally opposed to a particular drug. Provisions have been made that pharmacists cannot deny birth control to customers (which is part of why this bill was presented to begin with), but the 'Plan B' and the so-called abortion pill are fair game. This is crazy! What right do you, Mr. Pharmacist have to deny an adult their drugs because of your moral issues! The choice is the individuals; this is a personal matter. Shame on you Arizona if you allow this bill to pass.

  • The anonymous response to my Sponge Bob article was very interesting; it gave the readers of this blog and me a lot to think about. I do not want people to be of the impression that I am hostile to those who are religious. My hostility is directed at those who are intolerant of others. I can hardly write a self-righteous article about tolerance if I do not practice tolerance myself. I have friends who are Catholic, Mormon, Baptist, atheist, agnostic, liberal, and conservative- all of whom I have civil conversations with. This is one of the many reasons this country is great.

  • You may notice that I don’t update my blog as often as others. I try to post one article per week. If you want my suggestions for more Fearless and thought-provoking reading, I highly recommend my links from this page especially Capitalism Magazine and Libertarian Girl. She posts so many quality articles each day, I don’t know were she finds the time!


Blogger Stephen Littau said...


As many of you may have found out, the blogger Libertarian Girl revealed that 'she' is actually a 30 year old unemployed man who lives in his parent's basement (this explains why s/he was able to write so many posts). He used a photo from some Russian mail order bride catalogue to represent himself. Upon learning this, I was a little embarassed to have recommended the site to all of you in my 'This & That' post. I find the whole thing kind of sad and funny at the same time. Does the messanger really matter that much if the message is one I tend to agree with?

I have not decided yet if I will remove the Libertarian Girl link from my page. For the moment, read his blog at your own risk.

I also pleaded with him to 'keep it real.' this is what I wrote to him:

"Personally, I think you should keep it real. I found many of your posts to be very good. I even recommended my readers to visit your site just before the hoax was revealed. The readers now know the truth and you have a following. As long as you have good posts, I'll continue to read them and I suspect many other LG fans will too. Besides, too many people know of the scam. To keep everyone quite would be next to impossible. Reintroduce yourself to your readers as yourself and keep the good posts coming!"

After today, he plans on keeping the hoax alive by using a different photo and deleting all posts related to the hoax, keeping all new readers in the dark.

My pledge to you, my readers is to keep my blog honest. Everything I choose to reveal about myself is true and I will only post my true opinions to my blog. Since I don't have a gimmick as LG does, I am depending on the content of my blog to bring readers to my site. If you like the content, tell others and link to your sites.

This is all I plan on saying about the LG matter, I have far more interesting issues to write about. I'm currently working on a 2 part series on the First Amendment. Stay tuned...

5:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

With regards the pharmacists in Arizona being allowed to have a say in what drugs they wish to dispence, I say why not. They are not automatons of the doctors. If doctors can choose which procedures they wish to do in their practice, why can't pharmacist decide the equivalent in their practice. All that the customer would need to do is find a pharmacist that will fill the prescription. This may require one extra phone call, but so what. Let the pharmacist have freedom to act in their conscience and not be morally restricted to provide something they believe will be harmful. Would you require all doctors to perform abortions, even if they capable and competent of the procedure?

9:33 AM  

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