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Fearless Philosophy For Free Minds: Fair Tax Webinar with Neal Boortz

Friday, March 07, 2008

Fair Tax Webinar with Neal Boortz

Neal Boortz has a webinar on the Fair Tax for anyone who would like to learn more about the bill which would replace the income tax with a national sales tax. Boortz explains what the Fair Tax is, how it would work, and answers the common questions/criticisms of the plan.

Anyone interested in going to the webinar can click here to attend.


Blogger MARK said...

Fairtax is a very nice theory -- too bad it essentially avoids reality.

Fairtax has a number of "fatal flaws" that can not possibly be fixed. Since Fairtax insist that a 50-70% sales tax would be impossible to enforce (because of the intense presure to avoid it, at that level), Fairtax can't posssibly work, since the rate indeed would be well over 50% to be revenue neutral.

One big reason Fairtax must be over 50% is simple math.

Contrary to Boortz and Linders amazing assertion that "The federal government itself will become a MAJOR taxpayer" (Page 148 The Fairtax book), the federal government can not possibly pay itself a tax.

Do you seriously think your city could pay itself a sales tax to fund its own spending? No.

Do you seriously think your state government could pay itself a sales tax to fund its own spending? No.

Do you seriously think the federal government could pay itself an "income tax"?

No. No government can pay itself a tax, and consider that "income", any more than I can write my self a check, and consider that income.

Yet as astonishing as it is, Fairtax supposes it can do the impossible - make the federal government pay itself.

It doesn't make any difference how you write that check, since the federal government would be paying itself, it would also be writing the check. Just because its part of a "sales" tax make no difference whatsoever. Absolutely none.

I can pretend to write myself a check for 10,000. I can write the check, and even deposit the check. I can do that every day, but at the end of 30 days, I do not have 300,000 dollars.

Fairtax has used this asbsurdity to get the sales tax rate - on paper -- to be 23%.

If there were NO other absurdities -- and there are others -- this alone would cause the fairtax to be 40-50%.

Fairtax plans are to not only tax the federal governemtn --which as we covered above, is absurd and impossible -- fairtax also plans to tax all OTHER government entities too.

While that is physically possible -- its not about to happen.

How on earth can anyone in the fairtax movement seriously think government could pay taxes?

Isn't fairtax the group that have been preaching how corporations don't really pay taxes -- because they just pass the cost on?

Well, governments MUST pass the costs on. Corporations are far more able to absorb taxation that the government. If you think corporations don't really pay taxes -- how on earth can you believe governments do?

Fairtax also claims that the sales tax will "simply replace" the existing taxes, so prices will not go up.

This is utter nonsense. And its more exposed as being nonsense, if you understand that the REAL tax rate for a consumption tax is at least 60%.

6:33 PM  
Blogger Stephen Littau said...

I’m not sure how you came up with these figures but I would very much like to see where you got this information. Considering how much Americans spend, a 23% tax should be sufficient to fund the government at its current levels.

On the question of the government “paying itself” (as you put it): the government has to pay for goods and services just like anyone else. If the federal government orders office supplies from an office supply company, the federal government would be paying the 23% tax like anyone else.

12:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Fair Tax would be the largest transfer of power back where it belongs, in the hands of we the people.
No longer would hard work and saving be punished. The Fair Tax would give our doomed economy the
stimulation it so desperately needs.
I could write for days on our current 80 thousand page tax system, cost of compliance, and how it forces jobs overseas and rebute it with answer upon answer with the simplicity of the Fair Tax.
People, open your mind ...better yet open the book before you open your mouth.

4:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can I support the bill?
I'm in support of the Fairtax along with several thousand friends and co-workers, most of us are lower and middle class, and some are above. I think the problem in getting this passed is the routes taken are not working fairly. Face it... the government that works for us works against us. Your average lower/middle class have stopped voting and realy feel as if what ever we do we will never get a fair outcome with any new bill so when we talk about how good it would be to have the FairTax bill in effect "its just talk" until we feel there is a chance for it to pass. Blogs are great, but it does not seem to be pulling people together on this. Lets make this blog an idea page for new ways to support the FairTax bill. And then follow through on every level. This bill supports all working classes and promotes economic growth.

Please read the preposed bill before leaving comments. It may help with your attacks against it.

10:19 AM  
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