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Fearless Philosophy For Free Minds: Sunday School Science Lesson

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Sunday School Science Lesson

So what’s the harm of teaching Intelligent Design in government schools instead of evolution? Nothing if it’s being taught in a world religion class alongside all the other religious explanations for life. Unfortunately, pseudoscientific ‘theories’ such as I.D. are being taught in place of science in many science classrooms rather than in their proper context.

Those behind the I.D. movement (the Christian Right) are no longer satisfied only with corrupting biology inside and outside the classroom; geology seems to be the next big target. Why geology? Inconvenient evidence which proves the earth is older than 6,000 or so years. Sadly, the Bush administration has thrown a bone to the Christian Right with anti-science/pro-faith appointees. In the U.S. Park Service for example, the Grand Canyon National Park is not allowed to give an estimate of the geological age of the canyon for fear that they might offend Evangelical Christians. The Park Service has endorsed a book that claims that the Grand Canyon was created by the flood as described in the tale of Noah’s Ark in Genesis, however.

That’s right. Forget looking at all of the available geological evidence, we are supposed to take the story of Noah’s Ark literally as a historical event and not question any of the problems with the story (the ark was 450’ long holding one male and one female of every animal that ‘creepeth upon the earth’…all of which were loaded into the ark “in the selfsame day”). I suppose we are also supposed to assume that everything we have learned about dinosaurs and the Ice Age (along with the migration of the first Americans made some 15,000 years ago following the Mammoths across the land bridge from Asia to North America) is incorrect. Those godless scientists created the entire fossil record in a lab don’t you know! They are deceivers sent here by the devil himself.

Since we don’t want to offend the fragile faith of the fundies, why not allow them to substitute their own version of reality in all the other sciences? Clearly the astronomers don’t know what they are talking about either because the Bible clearly stated that the earth was flat and that the sun revolves around the earth. We ought to burn all books written which contradict the Bible. This will be no small task: we pretty much have to rid ourselves of everything we have learned about biology, geology, astronomy, anthropology, psychiatry, history, mathematics, medicine, and more.

Instead of ‘leaning on our own understanding’ we should rely on faith. Here is a wonderful video which PROVES that I have been wrong all this time. Enjoy!

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