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Fearless Philosophy For Free Minds: Welcome Readers

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Welcome Readers

Welcome readers! I am very excited about this, my first blog experience. I have always wanted to find an outlet to express my views; this appears to be the best forum. Arguing with pundits on the radio or television only satisfies this need in a very limited way. I am hoping this will be more interactive. Otherwise, I find myself offering my opinion to others who are not particularly interested in it. You, the reader may not always like what I have to say but you will (or not) read my views of your own free will and at your own risk of being offended.

I named this blog Fearless Philosophy for Free Minds because I believe that there is a great deal of distortion in our national debate from both the Left and the Right. How much of this last presidential campaign dealt honestly with issues of honest disagreement? How much of it was true and how much was spin? Did the candidates assume that we could think for ourselves, laying out a factual case or did they assume we were sheep that could be lead with the right slogans, buzzwords, and ads? How many of us let them? How many of us looked at each candidate critically before decided who should lead this country for the next 4 years?

The goal of this blog is to introduce a fresh dialogue for past and present issues, stripping away the spin and distortions to the raw bone. Fearless Philosophy means being able to vigorously defend one’s point-of-view without resorting to the usual name calling and fallacious arguments. Fearless Philosophy also means applying the same philosophical standards to your proponents and yourself equally to your opponents.

Sometimes emotions drive the issues more than logic. This is normal. However, the better way to make a point is though reason and logic. We are all guilty of allowing our emotions overtake us in a heated debate. I fully expect that some of my editorials will generate a great deal of emotion. This is part of the fun. I also hope we can all learn something about the state of our culture, our country, and our world from each other; from everyday citizens from all walks of life and from every political vantage point.

Some believe disagreement is a bad thing and that we need more unity. I couldn’t disagree more! (I will expand on this in a future blog). Sure, it would be nice if all my readers agreed with my every word in a way, but what would be the point? With the topics of taxes, government waste, education, affirmative action, the war on drugs, illegal immigration, terrorism, the judicial system, church/state separation, censorship, sex, abortion, gay marriage, just to name a few topics I plan on covering, all invoke passions on one side or the other.

I sincerely look forward to reading your reactions. I will post the best articulated arguments on my blog whether you agree with me or not. Actually, I look forward to answering those critical of my opinions the most. This is what moves the debate forward. I may even post some of the, let’s say, less articulate arguments as well just for my amusement and the amusement of the other readers.

To wet your appetite to start this debate, in my next blog I will begin with a topic I believe there is a little too much unity between the two major political parties with too little debate: the war on drugs. Enjoy the appetizer!


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