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Fearless Philosophy For Free Minds: Celebrating Life, Liberty, and Property

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Celebrating Life, Liberty, and Property

On July 4, 1776, perhaps the world’s most inspiring document declared the birth of a new country by dissolving the ties from the old country. This document of course was the Declaration of Independence authored by none other than Thomas Jefferson. Upon the signing of this bold statement of independence, those who were willing to inscribe their names for the entire world to see knew they were placing their very lives and fortunes in danger (as it turned out, many who signed the Declaration lost their fortunes, their lives or both). As we celebrate with our families eating hot dogs, drinking beer, and lighting fireworks, we should all take a moment to reflect on the significance of this day. What would this day be like had Washington’s Continental Army failed to be victorious over the British? Would we be drinking tea and eating crumpets (whatever the hell that is!) and be singing ‘God Save the Queen’? Who knows, but we certainly would not have many of the freedoms we presently enjoy. Yes, Great Britain ultimately did come around and become a much freer nation since their revolutionary defeat but I tend to believe that Great Britain would not be the country it is today had it been victorious.

As a small salute to Independence Day, one year ago today the Life, Liberty, Property community launched Carnival of Liberty I hosted by Brad Warbiany of The Unrepentant Individual. Appropriately enough, Brad is once again hosting the Carnival of Liberty (LII) on its first anniversary. Following Brad, 22 others hosted the Carnival of Liberty. As someone who has had the honor of hosting two of the carnivals (CoL VI and XVIII), I can tell you it is a great deal of work (very rewarding work). It is my hope that the Carnival of Liberty continues long into the future. Here is a breakdown of the first year’s carnivals by host (starting with each host's first appearance): Brad Warbiany (I, XIX, and XXXVI), Dan Melson (II, VIII, XVI, XXIV, XXV, XXXVIII, and XLIII), Eric Cowperthwaite (III, IV, VII, XIV, XVII, and XX), Owlish (V and XXXV), Stephen Littau (VI and XVIII), Kay Harrison (XXI, XLI, and XLVI), Doug Mataconis (XXII, XXIII, XXVIII, XXXIX, XLV, and LI), Gullyborg (IX), Mike Landfair (X and XXX), Gunner (XI and XXVI), Sunni (XII), Obi-Wan (XIII and XXXVII), R.G. Combs (XV and XXIX), Kevin Boyd (XXXI), Matt Barr (XXXII and XLVII), Peter Porcupine (XXXIII and XLII), Kentucky Dan (XXXIV), Michael Hampton (XL), Ed a.k.a. Robot Guy (XLIV), Indian Cowboy (XLVIII), Liberty Corner (XLIX) and Dave of TuCents (L).

Each host contributed his or her unique style to make the Carnival of Liberty’s first year very successful in spreading the message of Life, Liberty, and Property as fundamental rights of every human being. Of course none of this would be possible without all of those who have contributed posts to further this cause. What will year 2 bring? I think we are just getting warmed up.


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