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Fearless Philosophy For Free Minds: My '5 Things'

Monday, May 23, 2005

My '5 Things'

Robert of Libertopia tagged me with this meme challenge to list five things that I don’t ‘get’, but my friends and/or family does. Following my answers, I am supposed to tag a few more bloggers who haven’t been issued this challenge (which is a challenge in itself, this thing has popped up on virtually every blog I have visited over the past couple of days). Here’s what I have come up with:

#1. Professional Wrestling. I knew this ‘sport’ was phony when I was in the 3rd grade. It is not phony in the sense that the wrestlers have to be very physically fit but it is phony as far in the way that, unlike most sports, the performers know who is supposed to win the contest beforehand. Some of my friends try to explain it to me as ‘a soap opera for guys.’ If your looking for a great soap opera (drama), watch Desperate Housewives. The storylines, acting, and writing are all excellent.

#2. Super skinny supermodels. I don’t understand why people go crazy over these women with eating disorders. What’s worse is the influence these women have on impressionable young ladies. Personally I like a little bit of meat on the bone. I’d prefer the American girl next door over these European twigs anyday. Being married, I no longer notice other women though : )

#3. Smoking. I guess I thought it was cool when I was in my late teens and early twenties but with all we know about smoking now, why is anyone in my age group still smoking? I’m not saying it should be illegal or anything like that, I just don’t get it.

#4. Celebrity worship. We have such shows as Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, and publications such as US and People. Some people literally spend their entire careers following celebrities to find out who he or she is dating, likes and dislikes, how much he or she makes, etc. etc. These very celebrities pretend they do not like the paparazzi following them around but you know they do. When I was in my teens and early twenties, I was part of this celebrity worship culture but somewhere along the way I outgrew it. There are only a handful of celebrities/sports stars I would care to meet. Most of them are self-important ignoramuses who don’t have a clue how the real world works.

#5. The fascination with the royal family. This one is very similar to celebrity worship. The difference here is to be in the royal family is an accident of birth. At least most celebrities have accomplished something to earn their fame. I don’t understand why the U.K. even keeps the royals around. What practical purpose do they serve?

Okay, that was my five. I can only think of two bloggers who haven’t been challenged to this point who read my blog:

Icarus Goodman

Gary Borque

Let’s hear it gentlemen!


Blogger Robert said...

Thanks for playing Stephen, I wasn’t sure that you would notice ;-)

I too have been perplexed by the ‘rastlin’ subculture…and I live in Georgia. In the very early 80s (grades 1-3) I enjoyed TV wrestling, but I was young and naïve then.

Also, I would prefer (when my kids are grown) a traditionally shaped, but not obese, lady to woo.

8:57 PM  

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